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AR #56 Cover
number 56

by Linda Lee Harper

Gas Station

Fishy as compliments,
the young girl in the red bikini
bends over once too often to check
each of her Jeep's tires in turn while
the attendant, inadequate as a flawed spare,
rings up the cola and chips her boyfriend, Duke,
arranges like knickknacks on the counter.
After Duke's slowly drawn gun distracts
the clerk long enough for him to empty
the register, the girl waves, friendly
as pennants snapping over flea market hubcaps,
drops her halter top long enough
to wink one pink breast toward the window
before she leaps like a feral cat into the car,
squeals away on newly inflated rubber to leave
the men staring out plate glass,
then at each other, both blown as radials
spinning on the same, bent axle jacked too high.

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