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AR #59 Cover
number 59

by Tony Borges

Stanleyville 1960

A one handed man
slides into silhouette
jet black figures
carved in an ebony dug-out boat
The pole and one good arm
flick effort-less-ly
across the burning face of the sun
Not a word is said
The world is light and water
Red and white and grey and black
Elements that multiply

Glimpsed ghostly forms
in the swirling mist
flicker, generate the scene
as thousands of people
silently cross the grotesque river
gunmetal steaming jungle flood
Crouching in their boats
in the equatorial damp and fever cold
they cross from shacks and shanties
from African town
to earn their bread

Or lose their hands
in jungle cloned
Brussels or Bruges
Boulevard riven
Cafe strewn
American named
Belgian town
Hybrid white pearl
cast at the heart
of the Congo basin

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