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AR #61 Cover
number 62

by Jade Benoit

Acadian Driftwood

We ate nothing but plastic utensils and milk
of magnesia in the winter of '93 and
that was the first time we felt that hunger
climbing into our bodies it was the first time
I discovered this boy/girl/boy/girl/boy/girl
spinning in my stomach and daddy said
I can teach you how to dance for me baby
how to burn it all down in them red heels
how to wear them 'til you know you are a girl
turning into a centerfold turning into a mother
and he made John wear a muscle suit
he sewed together with his bare teeth and
we sang grace together at the table but our faces
were like blank maps and our chairs broke
against the wall when mama accidentally burned
the forks and John said help me
I worry I'll never know
what it's like to be full

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